+His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Darel E. Chase, Ph.D., OSP
Archbishop & Patriarch: Abyssinian Apostolic Church
Metropolitan: Archdiocese of the Mid-West (Abyssinian Apostolic Church)
President International College of Bishops
+His Eminence+The Most Reverend+John P. Johnston, Ph.D., OSP
Archbishop & Patriarch: United Evangelical Episcopal Church
Metropolitan: Evangelistic Apostolic Archdiocese (ACAC)
+His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Dennis M. Golphin, Ph.D., OSP
Archbishop & Patriarch: Living in Favor Global Network
+His Holiness+The Most Reverend+Charles (Pontiff) R. Hill, Ph.D., OSP
Pontiff: Ancient Catholic Church (Global)
+His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Rutherford (Card.) B. Johnson, Ph.D.
Archbishop & Patriarch: Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church
+His Eminence+The Most Reverend+B. Jamal Broadnax, OSP
Archbishop & Patriarch: Greater Destiny Communion
+His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Victor Cruz Blanco, DSTh, Ph.D.
Archbishop & Primate: Anglican Rite Catholic Province of Latin America
The Anglican Catholic Church of the Caribbean and New Granada
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+R. B. McPherson, DD
Archbishop & Primate: Battlefield Ministries Worldwide
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Martin Pius Kelley
Archbishop & Primate: Orthodox Catholic Church
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Corey A. Jenkins, OSP
Archbishop & Primate: United Anglican Convergence Church
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+James Thompson, Ph.D., OSP
Provincial Archbishop: Province of the South-East Abyssinian Apostolic Church
Vicar General: Abyssinian Apostolic Church
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Reginald E. Pettigrew, OSP
Provincial Archbishop: Province of the East
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Glouster G. Brooks, Sr., Ph.D., DD, OSP
Provincial Archbishop: Province of the Southwest (The Apostolic Diocese of St. Frumentius)
Adjutant General: Abyssinian Apostolic Church
His Eminence+The Most Reverend+Dr. Sterling Lands
International Presiding Bishop Family Life International Fellowship
Presiding Prelate of the Province of St. John the Baptist of the Evangelical Episcopal Communion
His Grace, The Right Reverend+Henry J. Sloan, III, Th.D., OSP
Bishop Ordinary: Apostolic Diocese of St. Matthew (Abyssinian Apostolic Church)
His Grace, The Right Reverend+Chuan Johnson, Ph.D.
Pentecostal Churches of Holiness International Ecclesiastical Fellowship
His Grace, The Right Reverend+Teco L. Manuel
Macedonia Baptist Church
His Grace, The Right Reverend+Reginald King, Sr.
Presiding Prelate of Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ
Pittsburgh, PA
His Grace, The Right Reverend+Brian T. Long, Ph.D., OSP
Transformation Ministries International
His Grace, The Right Reverend+Bede Obiekwe
Divine Heritage Church
Houston, TX
His Grace, The Right Reverend+James Robinson, Ph.D.
Presiding Prelate of the Faith Opoor Ministries
Toronto, Ontario, Canada